Sleep Anxiety: Is Lack of Sleep Making You Anxious?

Do you have sleep anxiety? As if not being able to sleep well at night wasn’t enough, now you are feeling more anxious and stressed. Are you going crazy? Or is your anxiety actually getting worse?

Let’s face it, no one enjoys sleep deprivation. Perhaps you find yourself laying in bed wide awake, remember your day….maybe this leads to making a mental list of things you have to do tomorrow…and then as you continue to lay there listening to the crickets and the clock going tic toc, you wonder if you are slowly losing your mind.

girl worried about not being able to sleep

Sleep Anxiety: The Lack of Sleep Makes You Worry More

If you can relate, you are certainly not alone. Are you tired during the day? Maybe feeling grumpy? It’s a definitely a sign of poor sleep.  Scientists at UC Berkeley have found that lack of sleep may be responsible for activating regions of the brain that contribute to excessive worrying.

At UC Berkeley, psychologists such as Dr. Allison Harvey, a co-author on the Journal of Neuroscience paper, improving the quality of sleep may alleviate anxiety symptoms.

“By restoring good quality sleep in people suffering from anxiety, we may be able to help ameliorate their excessive worry and disabling fearful expectations.”

The reason why this study is so important is that prior to this, people viewed insomnia or sleep problems as a symptom of the anxiety. This study demonstrated how the lack of sleep actually created increased anxiety.

Having struggled with insomnia herself, Elika understands that insomnia is real and that it’s not just a symptom of something else. In fact, when you treat the underlying insomnia, the sleep anxiety gets resolved.

If you or someone you know is struggling with sleep, take the next step to learn more. Schedule your sleep consultation using the online portal. Elika can help answer questions and help find the best course of treatment.

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