Reduce Anxiety and Improve Sleep With These 8 Tips

Want to reduce anxiety and improve sleep? If you feel too anxious to sleep at night, you need to read this. Tossing and turning all night is never fun! If you are looking for help for insomnia and sleep, Elika MFT provides 8 tips to reduce anxiety so you call fall asleep naturally.

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Are you addicted to Facebook?

Are you addicted to Facebook?
This month, the founder for Center for Healthy and Happy Living, Elika Kormeili, was interviewed by Brain World Magazine. Brain World magazine explores cutting-edge science and how its findings can affect human health, culture, education, technology, business, aging, the arts, global issues and more.


As a food allergy therapist, Elika Kormeili, often encourages people with food allergies often use Facebook and other forms of social media in order to connect with others. Social media is great at bringing people together and but just pay attention to how you feel when you are on Facebook.

In her interview, Elika was asked about the reasons Facebook is so addicting and the psychological needs it fills!

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8 Tips to Overcome The Emotional Eating Cycle: Emotional Eating and Food Allergies

This month, Elika Kormeili, the food allergy therapist, was interviewed by EmpowHER magazine on tips to overcome the emotional eating cycle. Before we discuss ways to overcome emotional eating, it’s important to understand what it actually is.
What is emotional eating?
Ever search the fridge and cabinets trying to find something to eat, but can’t find anything even though there is plenty to eat? Well, most likely you are not really hungry but trying to feed your feelings. Eating for any reason other than because you are hunger. When you have food allergies or food sensitivities, emotional eating may cause you to eat foods that you are sensitive to.

Still not sure if you fit this category? Take a brief emotional eating quiz
1) Does your hungry come out of nowhere instead of gradually?
2) Do you finish eating and never feel full?
3) Do you feel sad or guilty after eating?
4) You crave a very specific food such as pizza, chocolate, or ice cream?

Physical hunger comes on gradually. Once you feed physical hunger you feel full (satisfied). When you are really hunger you are open to many foods (just feed me please) and not set on one type of food. Also when you eat because you are hungry, there is no feelings of guilt or sadness.

Ready for the solution?
Read Elika’s 8 Tips to Overcome The Emotional Eating Cycle published by EmpowHer online magazine.

Which of these tips do you need help with? Are there occassions that emotional eating is more difficult to control for you? Do your food allergies impact your emotions in a way that leaves you wanting to eat?