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Confessions of a foodie with food allergies!

As a food allergist therapist, Elika Kormeili, wants you to be assured that she knows what you are going through. She founded Center for Healthy and Happy Living because she gets how important it is to take care of your emotional, physical and mental health. It’s a simple fact, we need to eat to survive. But what if the food choices you are making are not optimal?
Here are a few words Elika wanted to share with you.

“I LOVE food! Who doesn’t right? Unfortunately, some of the foods I love don’t love me back. Truth be told, I have been known to flirt, even seduce food that I know will make me sick-have you? Perhaps it’s food you can’t digest, maybe food that you can’t have because of dietary restrictions, perhaps it’s delicious fattening food that you know you shouldn’t have…sound familiar?”

Here are 3 steps to take back control:
1) Confess: That’s right! Confession is also good for your food related sins!
2) Re-declare: Yup, get clear on your goal and better yet tell someone-accountability isn’t just for accountants!
3) Get on with it: Everyone makes mistakes, no sense beating yourself up over it. Once you made a new commitment-start over! Clean slate (not to be confused with a clean plate)!

Here is to happy and healthy living!

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