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Feeling Blue? Tips to Help Manage Stress, Anxiety and Depression

Everyone feels sad sometime. Question is what do you DO to feel happy?

When you’re lonely, when you’re sad, when you’re feeling blue-here is Elika’s favoriate things to do!

1) Reach out and touch someone. You know that expression “misery loves company”? Well, call and talk to people and better yet make plans to go out!

2) Go for a walk. It’s a proven fact that exercise releases endorphins which improve your mood.

3) Stop and smell the flowers. Cliche but scientists have conducted studies showing that floral scents make you happier. If nothing else-they are pretty to look at!

4) Bring on the bubbles. You know that cheesy movie scene (the candles, tub full of bubbles, the music)? Go all out!

5) Pay it forward. Studies show that helping someone when you are feeling down actually makes you feel better!! Why not kill two birds with one stone and help your favorite charity?

6) Fake it till you make it. Stand in front of the mirror and make some silly faces, if nothing else you will feel silly enough that it will perk you up!

 Try it out and let us know how it worked for you!

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