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Having Fun and Food Allergies

That’s right-FUN! Three little letters that mean so much!

We live in a fast-paced world where we wanted everything yesterday. With so many demands for our time, is possible to have fun?

Are you guilty of saying any of the following? “I don’t have time for fun, I have work to do.” Or, “I have too many things on my plate. I can’t make time for fun.” Our personal favorite-“I am just too stressed to plan anything fun”. The truth is when we have so much going on we get burnt out and the idea of adding anything else does seem overwhelming.
Fun means letting your guard down, kicking off your shoes and relaxing. It means letting go of your problems and worries for a short time. Consider it a temporary vacation from your worries.

Make a list of 30 things you find fun and enjoyable (for all you people with a “to do list” add this to the top of the list). It could be something as simple as going for a walk to spending a day at Disneyland (the happiest place right?)

Give yourself a time frame in which to do the activities on your list. Try to at least do one a day. If time is very limited then come up with things that are reasonable like receiving daily jokes. I receive daily tweets which makes me laugh daily. If you don’t have time to watch a 2 hr movie then perhaps call a friend that you enjoy talking to (disclaimer: calling the wrong person may be hazardous to your health).

If you have family obligations (kids, parents, siblings) or limited time to spend with your significant other then perhaps you can enroll them into doing fun activities with you. Elika and a group of recently each made a list (aka the bucket list) and each week as a group they do something from our list. You get the perk of spending time with my friends and enjoying an activity or learning something new.

Elika says “since implementing bucket list, people are getting excited about the things that I do. I find that I laugh more and get over emotional upsets more quickly”.

Pay attention and notice things that make you happy that way you are more likely to repeat them and more likely to succeed at having fun in your life!

What’s on your fun list?

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