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Stress and Your Health

At Center for Healthy and Happy Living, we work with a lot of stressed out people. People from all walks of life from single parents, families with multiple food allergies, individuals with work/school stress to those with chronic health problems. We appreciate being a part of their journey and helping them along the way. Here is some basic but nevertheless helpful information about how stress impacts our health.

We all agree that stress affects health right? Any non-believers? Here are just a few examples of how stress can affect your health
1) Stress can cause insomnia which in turn leads to an increased caloric intake and decreased response time which may lead to accidents.
2) Stress can cause Irritable Bowel Syndrome or IBS-that’s right the foods you love may start to attack your body.
3) Stress can make your grind your teeth or clench your jaw-just ask your dentist what damage this can do.

Our founder, Elika Kormeili, recently read an article in Science Daily describing the impact of stress during pregnancy. If you think it only affects the mother then think again! The study showed that what the mother ate or did not eat affected the child’s response to stress, showing that “choline intake that is higher than what is generally recommended during pregnancy may improve how a child responds to stress. ” You can read the full article here.

How does stress impact you?

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