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Bitter Sweet Surprises: Hidden Sugars and Your Health

At Center for Healthy and Happy Living, Elika Kormeili (the food allergy therapist), works with many individuals and families to effectively reduce and manage their sugar intake. Perhaps you know someone who is avoiding sugar for health reasons? Perhaps you are a person who needs to avoid sugar because of food allergies, diabetes, or sugar addictions. If so then you definately want to keep reading.

According to a recent LA Times article, the FDA wants to study how consumers will react to clearly labeling “hidden sugars” on nutrition labels.

It may take a while before this takes place. In the meanwhile, do you know where your sugar comes from? How savvy are you at identifying ‘hidden sugars’?

Step 1: Look at the ingredient list

Step 2: Avoid products that list sugars as one of the top 5 ingredients

Step 3: Natural sugar is okay i.e. fructose in fresh fruit and lactose in dairy products.

Here is a list of hidden sugars to watch out for:
corn syrup (any variation of it); dextrose; glucose; fructose; oligofructose; polydextrose; sucrose; maltose; maltol; D-manose
galactose; crystalline fructose; any type of syrup; “malt”; cane juice; cane sugar; evaporate cane juice;¬†sugar alcohols such as maltitol, sorbitol, xylitol.

*To determine the calories you consume in sugar, multiple the grams of sugar by 4 (25g=100calories which is the daily recommended max by American Heart Association).

You can read the LA Times article here.

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