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Healthy Eating On The Road (Food Allergy Friendly Advice)

At Center for Healthy and Happy Living, our clients, just like you are busy professionals, parents, and students. They frequently ask, Elika Kormeili, our resident food allergy therapist, how to eat healthy while away from home. We all have preferences for types of food we enjoy, however, when you are on a restricted diet (due to food allergies, diabetes, or even religious reasons) eating away from home can be especially anxiety provoking. Perhaps you travel for work, work in the field, are planning a vacation, or simply trying to survive a date, here are some suggestions just for you!

Twenty Tips For Healthy Eating On The Road:
1. Do your research. Find restaurants that offer healthy options on their menu. Call the restaurant or hotel in advance to see how they can accommodate your dietary needs. Most places will accommodate you if they have advance warning. If they can’t/won’t then don’t feel obligated to give them your business.

2. If there are certain foods /snacks that you love, pack them! Some examples are raw nuts, individual potions of nut butters, protein bars, 100 calorie packs and canned tuna in water.

3. Take dry food with you i.e. bread/pasta (especially if you have gluten or soy allergies). You can have the restaurant cook it for you.

4. Find a hotel with a kitchen or kitchenette and perhaps do some grocery shopping.

5. Tell the waiter not to bring chips or bread to the table: if you are starving you won’t make healthy food choices AND you will stuff yourself with bread/chips.

6. Instead of sugary sodas order iced tea or club soda with lime.

7. Have the server dilute your soda with club soda or mix regular soda with diet soda. The regular soda will stay on the bottom so if you drink it with a straw by the time you’re halfway through you won’t taste the difference.

8. If you insist on dessert-share it!

9. Eat slowly. That’s right this actually requires putting your utensils down.

10. Stay away from buffets and “all you can eat” places. Just because you can eat it all doesn’t mean you should.

11. Take the time to enjoy your meal. That means no multi-tasking. Do you actually remember the last time you tasted your food?

12. Stay away from anything that says fried, breaded, glazed or battered. Instead look for steamed, grilled or sautéed.

13. Leave some food on your plate. Despite that your parents taught you, those leftovers won’t do any good for the starving children in Africa.

14. Salad can be a calorie bomb! Lightened it up by skipping the dressing, or having dressing on the side. 

15. Remember you eat to live so don’t live to eat.

16. Use all your senses to make your meal a pleasant experience, that way your food isn’t your entertainment.

17. Be cautious of liquid calories: coffee, cocktails, and juices.

18. Try to have veggies at every meal.

19. Eat at least 1 hot meal everyday.

20. If it doesn’t taste the best-don’t ingest! Calories are calories even when they don’t taste good.

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