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If you want to be healthy for life, don’t exercise!

That’s right, you heard us-don’t exercise! Now, before you run and tell your personal trainer or your doctor that you don’t need to exercise-read this!

If you want to be healthy for a lifetime (more than just weight loss) then you need to defy the temporary role exercise  plays in your life.

The biggest factor in determining how long you will work toward getting yourself in shape is motivation. When we start a new exercise program, none of us plan on quiting. In time, it gets difficult to stay motivated, we begin to get bored! The problem is not determination or will power.
Many of us are not excited about the idea of “exercise”, we are excited about what comes with exercise (weight loss, a six pack, more energy, etc). As a result, we set ourselves up to fail from the start, we are bored before we begin.

Some people love running on the treadmill, but for some of us-it feels like a hamster wheel. The idea of exercise doesn’t seem “fun” or “natural” and we can come up with many things we would like to do instead. It’s a chore that most of us force ourselves into doing.

If this sounds like you, don’t exercise. Instead, find an activity that you enjoy. The trick is to find an activity that incorporates fitness into it.

Here are some examples:
1) Play a sport (that you enjoy)-maybe basketball, football, hockey or soccer. Get a few of your friends together and play. If your friends don’t enjoy it, you can find others to play with via Facebook or Craigslist.
2) Go hiking. Discover new trails and new scenic routes. The fresh air will do you wonders.
3) Just dance. It could be elegant or just jumping up and down, and being silly to music.
4) Go for a walk. Yes, it can be that simple.
5) Swimming can be especially fun on a hot day.

Now, we realize that FUN is in the eyes of the beholder. To one person walking may be recreational but for another it could be exercise. One person may enjoy dancing while another doesn’t. Whatever you do, YOU MUST ENJOY IT! No way around that, if you don’t enjoy it, then it feels like a chore and you won’t stick to it.

Remember, when you are enthusiastic and having fun, you will get consistency. Oh and if you are like us, you will need to switch activities ever now and again, so as to break the routine!


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