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Food, Politics, and GMOs

So you may be wondering what politics has to do with food-usually not a lot but lately, with the elections coming up, it’s a topic worth discussing.

At Center for Healthy and Happy Living, we don’t talk politics often, we don’t judge who you vote for, but we do care about Prop 37.

Why should we label genetically engineered (GE) food?
As a food allergy therapist, Elika encourages people to read labels carefully and to be aware of

where their food is coming from. As consumers have the right to know what is in the food we buy, eat and feed our families. With appropriate labeling we have the freedom to choose whether to buy genetically modified foods or not. Afterall, we decide on organic vs. inorganic; cooked vs. raw; why think differently when it comes to GMO?
Can genetically engineering foods cause health problems?
We do know that the foods we eat impact our bodies, our mood and overall wellbeing. If you have food allergies or food sensitivities you know first hand the impact certain ingredients or style of preparation can have on your physical and mental health. Currently, the FDA does not require health studies or safety testing of GE foods for human consumption.  Hence, we just really don’t know the longterm impact GE foods have on our bodies.
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Learn the myths and truths for yourself at

Almost 50 countries-including all of the European Union countries, Japan, and China label their genetically engineered foods.

Join us in voting Yes on Prop. 37

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