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Post Halloween Food Allergy Survival Tips

Trick or Treat? Let me pick my own treat! When your child has food allergies, going trick or treating can be a real trick. This week, Center for Healthy and Happy Living’s founder, Elika Kormeili, talked to many concerned parents about their children with food allergies especially about surviving Halloween.

 Here are how some parents are suriving Halloween with their food-allergic child:

1) Some parents will run a few houses ahead of their child. Explain the situation to the homeowner and provide them with approved treats and candy.

2) Some parents will only take their children trick or treating at the homes of friends and family Approved candy is already stashed there.

3) Parents will let their child go trick or treating and then switch out the candy with approved candy.

4) Families will have a Halloween get together instead of trick or treating. This way the parents are in control of what their child eats.

Here is a tip from us: focus your child’s attention more on activities (Halloween crafts and games) and less on food.

***If you do take your child trick or treating (even with pre-approved candy) make sure to check their bag (and candy) because as you know children love to trade candy and some people may not understand the severity of your child’s food allergies.

How did you survive this sugar-infused holiday?

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  1. This is the first year my 3yr old understood the candy concept that surrounds Halloween. I sorted through his bag before he did.

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