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Coping with Food Allergies, Eczema, and Asthma-Parent’s Edition

Last week, Elika Kormeili, the food allergy therapist, had the honor of doing a guest blog for It’s An Itchy Little World just for parents to help them cope with their child’s food allergies, eczema and asthma. Jennifer, the blog’s author, is a mother of children with food allergies.

Moms and dad think back to the day you found out you were pregnant. Remember how excited you were? The hopes and dreams you had for your child?

Now, fast forward, remember what it felt like to find out your child has a food allergy? A health condition such as asthma or a dermatological problem such as eczema? What happened to those hopes and dreams? What happened to the quality of your life? How did it impact your relationship with your child or your spouse? How about other family members and friends?

Elika was asked to provide tips to help parents cope with these issues. You can read the guest post here. There are so many great resources to help children, we wanted to make sure we can provide support to YOU as a parent, so that you can continue to care for your child and ensure their safety.

A special thanks to Jennifer, the Circle of Moms, and my mom for your support!

After you read the blog, feel free to come back here and share your thoughts. Which of these tips have you used? Which areas do you need to improve on? How are you coping with your child’s food allergies, eczema and asthma?


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