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Scared to Eat: Conquering Anxiety and Food Allergies

As a therapist and coach specializing in coping with food restrictions, Elika Kormeili, is passionate about educating the public about food allergies. Last month, Elika was interviewed by Rheyanne Weaver for GoodTherapy.Org about the connection between food allergies and anxiety.

Food is a big part of our culture. We learn so much from other cultures through their food. For many people food is a source of enjoyment and fun. Many people so food to cope with stress or unwanted feelings. However, when this often mindless process is disrupted it, there can be anxiety and stress.

Food allergies may lead to anxiety, but anxiety may or may not lead to issues with food allergies. Stress and anxiety can weaken the immune system to the point of aggravating food allergies. People with food allergies might also experience changes in behavior and mood. Sometimes just getting on a diet to eliminate allergens improves mood, decreases irritability, and allows for better concentration.

In the spirit of giving, Elika also provides strategies to coping with food allergies. You can read the full article here.

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