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Run Or Dye: What Is Your Exercise Type?

Physical activity is an important and vital component of your health regime. The key is to find activities that you enjoy and don’t seem like “work”. Did you know that based on your interests and your psychology we can find a workout that fits your personality?

Elika has helped many people assess and identify activities that they enjoy-there is no one size fits all to exercise either!
This weekend our founder, Elika Kormeili, joined many others in a 5k called Run or Dye.
Elika is not the biggest fan of running/jogging but when she does run/jog she likes to keep it entertaining.

Here is the pros of this 5k:
1) You can wear customes and use some team spirit
2) You get some fresh air and Vitamin D
3) It’s good for the whole family (there were parents pushing strollers during this event)
4) You get to brag about dying and live to tell about it!

The messy pictures are included for your amusement!

Want Elika to help you find the right workout? Contact Elika for a 20-minute consultation to determine your exercise type based on psychology.

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