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Turkey, Stuffing and A Side of Food Allergies and Emotional Eating. 5 Tips for Surviving

The table is set. Turkey, mashed potatoes, with unforgiving sides of food allergies and emotional eating. For those who have a problem with food, the food holidays can be a stressful nightmare. Read Elika Kormeili’s tips to surviving the food holidays.

So how do you survive the Food Holidays? Here are a few important tips.

1) Keep in mind that the holidays are a time to celebrate. Take a few minutes right now to think of other ways you can celebrate other than with food.

2) If you have food allergies. Talk to your host ahead of time so that they can make sure you are safe and enjoy yourself. Let them be a good host.

3) If the idea of letting someone else prepare your food makes you uncomfortable, offer to bring your own food or eat before you show up.

4) Let’s face it as much as we enjoy being with friends and family during the holidays, they can drive us a little nuts! Make sure you get some “me” time in. Go for a walk, take a nap, read a book. Do an activity that you enjoy and makes you feel good.

5) Make new traditions. A few years ago, Elika’s family started a new tradition of either expressing or writing a list of things they are thankful for. Maybe your family/friends thinks this is a little lame, that’s okay-you can make a list for yourself. Count your blessings.

In the spirit of thankfulness, here are a few things we are thankful for!
1) We are thankful for our healthy bodies that help us enjoy various activities.
2) We are thankful for our families.
3) We are thankful for the amazing friends that have touched our loves.
4) We are thankful for flowers. They are simply beautiful.
5) We are thankful for living in California where there is so many allergy-friendly restaurants.

What are you thankful for?

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