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Fix Insomnia Naturally Without Sleeping Pills

Are you looking to fix insomnia naturally without sleeping pills? As a Los Angeles based insomnia therapist, my clients frequently come to me searching for natural drug-free solutions to fix insomnia.


fix insomnia naturally without sleeping pills

If you are looking for naturally ways to fix insomnia, then you are in luck. Many of my clients have sought me out because they do not want to taking sleeping pills, they don’t like the “drowsy” feeling the next day and fear becoming dependent on sleeping pills.

Others have called me reporting that they have been taking sleeping pills for so long, the pills are no longer effective. I work with them on tapering off sleeping pills and decreasing their dependence on pills to sleep.

Others have sought out my services because I don’t practice “voodoo”. Now that may sound like little funny but it’s true, I don’t offer any magic pills or potions.

No hypnosis.

No drugs.

No “voodoo” tricks.

Just natural solutions to fix insomnia. With my insomnia therapy program, you’re always in control.

There are many clinics out there for people with sleeping problems such as sleep apnea but my clients don’t struggle with those issues. They do not need sleep studies.

They dread going to bed at night because their bed and/or bedroom is often a reminder of their sleepless nights. They get into bed and automatically have a sense of failure.

The more they worry about not sleeping, the more anxious they become and the worse their insomnia progresses. They want to fix insomnia naturally NOW.

The good news for my clients and for you is that I don’t require you to do a sleep study. You may also want to read the article about the problems with sleeping pills.

I will work with you to address the issues that reinforce your insomnia and help you to fix your insomnia naturally. Schedule your complimentary 15-minute sleep consultation today.

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