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How To Choose The Best Online Therapist or e-Therapy

How to Choose the best Online Therapist (e-Therapist)

So you finally decided to work with an online therapist or an e-therapist, but how do you know how to choose the best online therapist?

When you or a loved one is struggling, choosing the best online therapist can seem stressful in itself. When it comes to online therapists, it’s really about the right knowledge and the right chemistry.

More about choosing the best online therapist

Choosing the right therapist to help you can be overwhelming and scary. It’s a commitment and it’s normal if you feel like you need more than one 10 minute consultation before deciding on a therapist. It’s important to talk and interview several therapists. Don’t let anyone, even a therapist, make you feel guilty or pressured.

What Questions To Ask When Consulting With An Online Therapist

You finally got the therapist on the line, but now what? What should you ask to determine if it’s a good fit?

Let’s look at some tips and pointers that you can use to make an educated and informed choice when choosing an online therapist.

  • What do I hope to gain from therapy?
  • Have there been any complaints or disciplinary actions on this therapist’s license?
  • Will this therapist help me do that?
  • Am I comfortable with this therapist?
  • Ask what type of therapy is utilized. How is it different from other types of therapy? What should you expect?
  • Would I want to come back?
  • Do I feel assured that this therapist is qualified and experienced with the types of issues or concerns I am facing?
  • Is the therapist licensed in my state?

Consulting with an online therapist? Here’s what to ask

  • What system does the therapist have to keep my private information secure?
  • Will video sessions be done through a secure and HIPAA compliant portal?
  • Am I comfortable with the technology required for online therapy?

What are your goals for online therapy?

Have a general sense of what it is you would like to work on in therapy and what your goals would be.

Ask yourself what is important to you in a therapist. What are the qualities you specifically require for an online therapist?

Look at your various options in terms of therapeutic approach (e.g. cognitive behavioral, narrative, person-centered) and have a general sense of what would work for you.

Evaluate the potential online therapist

There are some fancy online therapy sites with wonderful bells and whistles. Some of them have convenient apps that make online messaging convenient. But it is really about your relationship with the online therapist or counselor, and it has to make sense for YOU.

While the professionalism or features of an e-counseling site is important, it’s vital to evaluate the experience, training and skill set of your potential e-therapist. What license does the therapist hold? Can the e-therapist comfortably answer your questions and help you feel comfortable?

Choose The Best Online Therapist, Trust your Intuition

Trust your capacity to make the right choices. So after you qualify the potential online therapist, it’s time to evaluate the “chemistry” between you and your online therapist. Did you “click”? Did it feel like a “good fit”?

If you are a California resident and would like to determine if Elika MFT is the right fit, call her at 424-274-2256 or use the online calender to schedule a consultation. Don’t have the time now? Message her using this link.

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