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Difficulty Sleeping? The Reason May Surprise You

Difficulty Sleeping? The Reason May Surprise You

If you are a pet owner, you know that your pets are more than just pets, their family! You love to cuddle with them, they are excited to see you and sometimes they want to play when you need to sleep. If you are having difficulty sleeping, it may be due to your pets.

Let’s be honest, we spoil our furry friends. We get them gifts, new toys, throw them birthday parties and many pet owners allow their pets to sleep in the bed with them.

As an online therapist specializing in sleep and insomnia, Elika MFT was recently asked her opinions about the impact of sharing a bed with pets.

Difficulty Sleeping? Pets Can Prevent A Good Night Sleep

According to the American Pet Products Association about one third of pet owners report that their pets wake them up at least once per night. In fact more than 60% report poor sleep quality more than four nights a week when they share a bed with their pets.

Why Pets Disrupt Your Sleep

As an insomnia therapist, Elika has found that sometimes the underlying factor in her client’s insomnia, is due to sharing a bed (or bedroom) with their pets.

They don’t mean to do it but sometimes pets can wander around, snore, bark or they need to be taken out to relive themselves just when you are about to doze off into la la land.

Pets and Intimacy

Sharing your bed with a pet is great when you are alone. It can help you feel safe and provide comfort. How does it work when you want to be intimate? Do you kick the dog out? Distract the kitty with a toy?

Aside from hygienic reasons not to share your bed, and the impact pets can have on your sleep, it’s also important to consider how pets may impact your sex life.

As a sleep therapist, Elika recommends keeping your bed clean and using it for sex and sleep only.

Click here to read the full article Elika was quoted in and learn what you can do to get a better night’s sleep.

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