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Questions To Ask Your Online Therapist

You made the decision to work with a therapist, congratulations! Now, how do you decide who to work with? Here are 7 Questions To Ask Your Online Therapist.

You’re pretty tech savvy, you’ve discovered the world wide web of therapists in California. You’ve done your research, frantically scrolling through those boring therapist directory listings, searching for that therapist listing that calls out your name!

You manage to schedule a few consultations, after a frustrating back-and-forth messaging game. So now, what do you actually ask your therapist?

Here are some questions to ask your therapist, that are more important than network benefits and fee for service.

Questions To Ask Your Online Therapist #1: What Do You Enjoy Most About Working With Your Clients?

Most therapists can give the socially appropriate response that they enjoy what they do. But what do they actually enjoy? For Elika MFT, it’s that “ah ha” moment when things begin to click for the client, the client begins to recognize self-sabotaging behaviors and now begins to strategically do things differently, getting better results.

Questions To Ask Your Online Therapist #2: What Frustrated You In Working With Clients?

Not your standard question, but therapists are not ‘one size fits all’. You may need a certain approach that is not in your therapist’s comfort zone or realm of expertise. The last thing you need is a therapist who is frustrated and dreads working with you. Might as well know this upfront. Elika MFT believes that while she is approachable and easy to talk to, her ‘no nonsense’ approach may not be right for everyone.

Questions To Ask Your Online Therapist #3: How Did You Create A Thriving Relationship In Your Own Life?

A lot of people turn to therapy because they are in toxic relationship or having some difficulty connecting satisfying thriving relationships. So, ask your therapist about relationships that are thriving in their life. Most therapists worry about self-disclosure because therapy should be about you not them. However, they should be able to provide you with some satisfying information rather than dodging the question.

Questions To Ask Your Online Therapist #4: What Sets You Apart From Other Therapists?

This is a tough question but it’s a good one. Some therapists are amazing at talking about themselves but their results may not be stellar. Other therapists, get amazing results but don’t have testimonials or they are rather shy in talking about themselves. This question addressing some of the vulnerabilities of your therapist. Is the therapist comfortable being vulnerable with strengths and weaknesses?

Questions To Ask Your Online Therapist #5: How Do You Prevent Burnout?

Therapists are human, just like everyone else. Therapist burnout is kind of “hush hush” topic, but it’s important to ask. Think about it, people go to therapists and “dump” their problems all day. Some people “vent”, some yell out of frustration, and many cry. It can be emotionally exhausting for a therapist who actually cares about the clients. Make sure you pick a therapist that makes time for self-care.

Questions To Ask Your Online Therapist #6: Do You Offer Convenient Online Scheduling?

This one is more of a practice question but in today’s busy world, it’s important to ask about online scheduling. Scheduling and rescheduling appointments shouldn’t seem like projects. It should be easy, convenient and stress free.

Questions To Ask Your Online Therapist #7: How Do You Store How Therapy Notes?

This has to do with how seriously the therapist takes the privacy of your personal information. All therapists take notes. In a traditional therapy office, client information would need to double locked (meaning it’s in locked cabinet within a locked office). However, in the age of online therapy or web therapy, some therapists are uploading sensitive client information into the cloud! Yikes!! So do the research you do so well and get the information you need in order to make sure you pick the right therapist for you.

Feel free to ask Elika MFT these questions and she will answer the best she can. You can contact her directly or schedule a consultation using the online calendar.

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  1. I like your recommendation to ask the prospective therapist what sets them apart from other people. It makes sense that asking why this particular therapist is better than another could be a great way to get an idea of their personality and experience. This could be helpful to keep in mind for my daughter because she’s been struggling with some mental health issues and a therapist could be a great outlet for her, especially now that she’s in school.

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