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Anxiety Tips Crazy Enough To Work

Looking for anxiety tips that will actually work? Let’s face it anxiety sucks! You know what anxiety feels like, that uneasiness that won’t go away. It rears it’s ugly head at night when you are laying in bed vulnerable. It waits until the perfect moment to attack! Now you can’t focus on anything else but the worry. You try to distract yourself and “not think about it” but it just gets worse!

7 Unconventional Anxiety Tips

Anxiety Tips 1 0f 7: Put Your Anxiety On A Schedule

If you are going to worry and obsess over things then it might as well be on your time. Schedule time for yourself everyday or at least once a week to worry and be anxious. Use an oven timer or the timer on your cell phone. Set your time.

On your mark. Get set. Worry.

Once the timer goes off and your time is up. Move on to do something else.

Anxiety Tips 2 of 7: Think About The Worse Case Scenario

When you are a worrier, you spend a lot of time trying to convince yourself not to be anxious. The more you try not to be anxious, the more anxious you get.

So when an anxiety provoking thoughts has been hanging around and making you uneasy, think about what’s the worst thing that would happen. What would people say? How would they treat you differently? What would it mean about you?

Usually even if the worse thing we can imagine happens, we can survive it and usually it doesn’t really change anything.

Anxiety Tips 3 of 7: Break Things Down Into Bite Sized Pieces

People with anxiety are often overwhelmed by big projects. They get so overwhelmed that they get paralyzed and don’t even know where to start.

So break the project down into smaller pieces or smaller goals. Accomplishing those smaller goals gives you a sense of accomplishment, makes you feel productive and motivates you to do more.

Anxiety Tips 4 of 7: Remember To Breathe

It’s normal to hold our breath when we are anxious. Or to start breathing heavily as we work ourselves into a panic. So remind yourself to breathe.

Breathe in. Breathe out.

Anxiety Tips 5 of 7: Shake Off Your Anxiety

When you are worried or anxious you tend to tense up your muscles. Creating tension in your body.

So shake it off. Flap your arms around. Shake your head. Maybe jump around like a boxer before a match.

Loosen up those muscle and release the tension.

Anxiety Tips 6 of 7: Distance Yourself From Your Anxiety

Most of us with anxiety tend to claim our anxiety. “It’s mine”, “it’s a part of me”, as if it’s something we purchase (no refunds or exchanges).

So pretend it’s a shirt. Picture yourself taking the anxiety off your body and leaving it on the chair. You know that chair that you throw all your clothes on when you don’t have time to put them away. Creating some distance between yourself and your anxiety helps you see things from a different perspective.

It’s yours. You can have it back. Do you really want it back?

Anxiety Tips 7 of 7: Laugh Your Anxiety Off

Anxiety, worry, that uneasy feeling-it’s real. It doesn’t feel good. If you don’t release negative emotion then it starts to pile up and take a toll on your body. Sometimes you either have to scream, cry or laugh it off.

Laughing it off just seems more pleasant.


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  1. I’m glad you talked about shaking off anxiety by jumping around and shaking your head. My brother might have some anxiety problems, but I’ve noticed the more he moves around, the better he seems. We’ll have to take him into a place for anxiety help to see if he really does need any help other than moving around.

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