Emotional Eating Online Counseling 

Are you an emotional eater? It’s been a stressful day-it seems like everything that can go wrong has. You are tired, stressed, and feeling a little lonely-if only you could have some chocolate, or mac n’ cheese. Find out if online counseling for emotional eating is right for you.


online counseling emotional eating


When that urge to eat hits, it’s all you can think about. Nothing else will satisfy that need for ice cream other than ice cream. You feel powerless over your food cravings.

Emotional Eating, Is Online Counseling Right For You?

Emotional eating means that you turn to food for comfort rather than to satisfy physical hunger. You eat to fill the emotional void instead rather than to fill your stomach. We’re all guilty of it from time to time.

We use food as a “pick me up”, to celebrate, or to reward ourselves for a job well done.

Not sure if you are an emotional eater? Do you…

  • Eat more when you’re feeling stressed?
  • Eat to feel better when you’re sad, lonely, mad, bored, anxious, etc.)?
  • Eat when you’re not hungry?
  • Reward yourself with food?
  • Regularly eat until you’ve stuffed yourself?
  • Feel powerless or out of control around food?
  • Have difficulty losing weight or controlling your weight?


Does food make you feel safe? Do you feel like food is a friend?

When your first impulse is to open the refrigerator whenever you’re upset, angry, lonely, stressed, exhausted, or bored—you get stuck in an unhealthy cycle where the real feeling or problem is never addressed.

Online Counseling for Emotional Eating:
  • Change your relationship with food
  • Teach you how to tolerate emotional distress that arises in situations that cause you discomfort
  • Provide you with strategies to reduce food temptations and food cravings
  • Confidence to advocate for your needs
  • Decrease feelings of isolation, anxiety and depression that trigger emotional eating
  • Increase awareness to allow you to make healthy choices

Using a cognitive behavioral approach, Elika can help you change your relationship with food so you can look and better better.


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