Meet Online Therapist Elika


Several years ago, I was just burnt out!

It seemed that work was taking over my life–invading my dreams, and impacting my relationships.

Getting out of bed was a daily struggle each morning. I would lay in bed every night, reflecting on the millions of things I had to get done, wondering where I put things, and freaking out about being too tired in the morning.

Self-care seemed to take a back seat to deadlines at work and family obligations.

I could practice deep breathing until I turned blue, but unless I made some important changes in my life, nothing would help.

As my stress level increased so did my weight. I would eat to cope with the stress and anxiety in my life, trying to eat my emotions.

At the same time, my insomnia was getting worse. I would toss and turn all night, and would struggle to stay awake while driving. I drank coffee and eat sugary foods to stay awake during the day.

I didn’t even have energy for my friends and family. I felt depleted!

I tried looking for a therapist to talk to. I searched the web, overwhelmed with options, I read endless profiles feelings like “none of them get me”.

I would leave messages and play phone tag trying to schedule with a therapist. When one would finally connect with me, our schedules would conflict, or it required me to take 2 hours off work (commute plus session) which would leave me even more stressed out and behind at work.

In my journey, I realized I am certainly not alone. There are other people who are getting physically sick from stress, anxiously looking for solutions. Solutions that didn’t create more stress!

My passion became to help others find their way to a happy and healthy life. That is when I decided to create a holistic wellness program. A haven for stress management that deals with the WHOLE you; a tune up for your emotional and physical health that gets you back on the road to enjoying life faster.

I have learned through my experience that healthy living is about more than diet and exercise. It is about the quality of your sleep, your ability to deal with stress, your current physical health, as well as your emotional well-being. My struggles with emotional eating, worry, stress, and insomnia made me a better therapist.

Healthy living starts with healthy thoughts and decisions. I know that it’s hard to get started with therapy. Making that phone call causes unnecessary anxiety. So I made it easier for you to get started, simply click HERE to contact me now to set up a complimentary 30 minute consultation.

I look forward to talking to you soon!


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