Finding the right online therapist can be difficult. Many therapists do not have online reviews that you can read. It’s difficult to know what experience others have had working with the therapist.

For this reason, Elika has decided to provide online therapy reviews for her work. These are testimonials and success stories that clients have shared about their online therapy experience with Elika.

Online Therapy Reviews: These People Have Changed Their Lives Working With Elika

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Initials: ST

I worked with Elika over a period of about 3 months, when I was really wrestling with insomnia and anxiety. I had never spoken with any therapist before, and did not know what to expect. I did not want to deal with the extra time and cost of seeing an in-person counselor, but I was also a bit leery that a digital meeting via phone or webcam would be effective. So, I tried it. It worked!I had a weekly phone call with Elika, with an occasional email or additional phone call peppered-in. She has an easy way about her, she is both funny and serious at the same time, and I found myself looking forward to our calls. Well - I ultimately had to 'fire' her, because she did her job so well -- I am sleeping well, and the anxiety is virtually a goner.If you are reading this, and struggling with something, I have a couple comments: 1.) Give Elika a try, there is really no downside; 2.) You WILL get better. I was in a pretty dark place, thinking that 'this must be the new normal for me now', but that is not the case. Those clouds will indeed disappear, and your sky will again be blue. Just take it day by day, and believe in yourself.

Initials: LG

One of the hardest things about jumping into therapy is finding someone you feel you can confide in. Elika has the perfect combination of professionalism and genuine compassion. She's a wonderful listener and is full of positive ideas. (Just check out her Instagram and you'll see what I mean.) She is extremely knowledgeable about her field. Highly recommended.

Initials: NSD

Elika is wonderful! She is compassionate, warm, and passionate about what she does. She can give you “tough love” but with respect and appreciation for your struggles.She is great at recommending different ways to deal with anxiety and high stress and offers good worksheets to help you think about scenarios rationally. I appreciate the practice tips and tools she provides.

Initials: NM

Talking with Elika is always a positive experience for me, and I know that I can rely on her to give solid advice. She is insightful, and asks questions that make me think more deeply about things in my life. I've always felt that Elika has my best interests at heart!

Initials: MJ

I've worked with Elika for the better part of a very difficult year and she has helped me improve my mood by encouraging me to practice gratitude and by teaching me ways to live in the present. Her ability to make observations without being pushy or judgmental has been refreshing and welcome. Being able to work with her online allowed me to receive the benefit of working with one counselor while traveling. I appreciate the work we've done together and recommend her to people looking for a calm and supportive counselor.

Initials: SG

I avoided returning to counseling for nearly 2 decades, after only having experienced awkward interactions that did not feel at all helpful or genuine in the past. But I reached a point where I admitted I couldn't do this on my own anymore. Cue Elika. Before even our first session, Elika kindly and openly asked about my therapist history because she wanted to understand my hesitancies and doubts. This is only one example of how Elika values learning not just about how you are feeling today, but your life experience as a whole, ongoing journey that builds upon itself. After our first session, my spark of motivation to heal increased so much that it surprised me. This was coupled with a confidence and belief in myself that Elika gently yet directly helped me cultivate. That is how Elika is with me: Gentle yet direct, like a close friend but with knowledge and experience to fill my toolbox of how to better manage my mind, move through my moods, and accept the timing of the whole process to be something I can trust and believe in. I've only worked with Elika for a couple months, but I'm so grateful she entered my life when she did. I look forward to our weekly calls as one of the top highlights; I'm always excited for what I'm going to learn and for the comforting compassion and contagious laughter she always gives. I can't remember ever believing in myself as much as I do now. Thank you, thank you, Elika.

Initials: RD

Elika has been highly supportive during my most difficult time. The pointers she has suggested have been helpful. She also allows me to see things from a different perspective. My experience as a first-timer in any kind of therapy has been positive because of Elika.

Initials: MF

When I first reached out I was a little nervous, only because of my past experiences with therapy. However Elika has been amazing, she's such a great listener and I feel very comfortable talking to her. I feel like I can truly share things with her and not face such obvious judgment as I have before. In my time talking to her I've really felt that I'm starting to understand what I want and who I am as a person.I strongly recommend for anyone who wants to take that next step to improve their health.

Initials: MW

Elika helped me through the loss of a dear family member. Elika is compassionate, encouraging, friendly, and engaging. I never once felt like I was a burden or receiving lesser care due to the online model.I highly recommend Elika to assist you through stress, grief, depression, and loss.Thank you so much.

Initials: AR

I have had experience with therapy a few times in my life, but had no idea what to expect in online therapy. I selected Elika based on her approach and descriptions of her style, and I’m so glad that I made a great choice :-)I prefer a direct and to the point approach as that’s how I converse as well, and while being respectful and kind she definitely meets my request. I like that she’s engaged, encouraging and kind while making helpful suggestions and observations. I’ve also pushed back on an idea or two and said why, and she’s been very collaborative with me in both assessments and recommendations!

Initials: KBH

Elika, is smart, kind, intelligent, and a great listener. She is an awesome counselor that I can continue to rely on when times get tough.

Initials: ajw

Elika has been an extremely positive presence during a time in my life when it feels like I'm struggling to stay afloat. She's clear while being kind when responding which helps me to refocus my attention and helps me to see what's happening from a different perspective. Online therapy has been a real plus for me and the biggest reason is Elika. I completely recommend

Initials: Fb

Elika is absolutely amazing! She is extremely helpful and very professional, always caring and compassionate. Her advice is practical and has helped me tremendously. I am grateful to have met her. Thanks for all your help.

Initials: MJD

Some days I’m just ready to quit. At my boiling point. Lost. FearfulAnd beyond stressed. I’m so grateful I have her on my side to help me find myself. We discuss everything and she helps me find solutions that I would have not seen easily in the chaos of my anxious state. It’s so convenient because I can do my sessions via phone and not need to take time out of my already hectic life. No parking. No driving. No wasted time in the waiting area. Super private. Feels like I’m talking to a Friend but get the benefits of formal in person therapy.I can’t recommend her highly enough. Thank you.

Initials: M.A.

Working with Elika has been a pleasure. I was skeptical about online therapy, but she has proven to be a reliable source of support and encouragement. Since working with her, my mood has improved and I am more able to identify positive aspects of my life. I would recommend Elika to anyone seeking to better understand themselves and their own mental health.

Initials: R.S

I’m so glad to have found my therapist Elika! I had major anxiety about spilling my guts to a total stranger on the internet, but Elika helped me feel safe and comfortable.I had tried other online therapy platforms but something was missing. Either I couldn’t pick me my own therapist (got stuck to one assigned to me) or the therapist wasn’t as available as I wanted. I like Elika is just a phone call away and I can even text her if I need a same day appointment.

Initials: AN

I have been very happy with Elika's persistence and ability to empower me to focus on my issues and address them. She uses the right amount of "nudging" at the right pace and degree to gradually move my psyche to a better state, and for that I am grateful.

Initials: L.A.

This was my first time doing any sort of counseling. Elika made me feel very comfortable and I felt that I could trust her with whatever I wanted to talk about. She gave me a judgement-free space to talk about my concerns, techniques for managing my anxiety and strategies for how to manage my negative thoughts. Elika is very responsive and always gets back to me within a day of when I contact her. She is very reliable and a great listener! Thank you, Elika, for helping me through a time of transition in my life!

Initials: cl

I really enjoyed Elika's warm and friendly therapy style. I always looked forward to our conversations.

Very helpful and understanding. Tells it like it is and is very responsive. Very comfortable to open up to. Does not judge you and is very considerate on how you are feeling. Great counselor!

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