Elika is easy to talk to, down to earth, funny and non-intimidating.

Elika is non-judgmental and quick to help clients discover hidden barriers to reaching their goals.

Elika is multi-cultural, open-minded, and compassionate.

Elika has extensive clinical training in both traditional, and unique specialties that provide a synergy to achieving results.

Elika is a humanitarian, involved in various charities and dedicated to helping humanity.

Elika is an opinion-leader, pioneer, and expert in her field who loves what she does.

Clients LOVE Elika’s flexible & versatile appointments

Life is busy and can be stressful- an appointment with your therapist Elika shouldn’t be an added stressor. Elika MFT understands the barriers to seeking therapy or counseling and helps you overcome those barriers.

Barrier #1: I Don’t Have Time To Go See A Therapist

With life’s high demands it’s hard to find time for counseling or therapy. Some clients don’t have the time to commute, others have a hard time scheduling sessions.  Online therapy allows clients to talk to their therapists without taking time off from their already busy schedules.

Barrier #2: I’m Worried About Privacy

Video sessions and phone sessions allow clients to talk to their therapist from the comfort of their own home, without fears of being seen or judged.

Barrier #3: I Don’t Want To Be Judged

Talking about your concerns, fears, and anxieties can be difficult. Video and/or phone sessions make therapy feel more like talking to a friend, creating a sense of comfort and ease. An experienced online therapist can help you feel relaxed and provide a judgement- free environment for you to express your concerns.

Barrier #4: Therapy Is Costly

Using video therapy, phone or email to receive therapy is often more cost effective than face-to-face or in-office therapy sessions. Learn more about online therapy.

Elika’s Collaborative & Personalized Approach

The reason Elika’s clients get real results is because Elika actually developed a unique program. After triumphing over her own issues, Elika decided to help others suffering just like her. After seeing the results with her loved ones, she introduced the program into her clinical practice, and the results spoke for themselves!


Elika herself struggled with insomnia throughout most of her school life. As she began working, she was overwhelmed by the number of people impacted by insomnia and the toll it took on them both personally and professionally. As a result, Elika began her search for effective insomnia solutions.


Elika has been an integral member of a holistic team of various experts including chiropractors, nutritionists, and doctors working to bring about real change in her clients.


Elika has helped many others, and is excited to work with you very soon!